You are arranging a wedding celebration. Who Sits Where, and with Whom?


Etiquette, social needs and interpersonal conflict differ widely and deciding where guests sit is a difficult, ongoing age-old dilemma. WeddingWays is an important tool for anyone looking for an easy and faster outcome whilst willing to be eco-friendly by cutting all printing and paper costs.

The philosophy of technology is to save money and time and make the world easier.

WeddingWays has restructured traditional outdated methods in organizing guest seating into a hassle-free development that delivers instantly allowing immediate deployment.

WeddingWays is effortlessly simple, presenting an uncluttered interface and neat design where several people can simultaneously share information. With pressure rising, any changes are easy, nothing gets lost and everything is crystal clear and quicker.

Users will already have a list of guests for assigning to tables and use non-specifically designed placing methods (spreadsheet, sticky notes, card index etc.) in a time-consuming process that is fiddly and can easily spiral into disorganisation.

These are eliminated and replaced with an accepted drag and drop method that shows everything immediately and safely. Stop and start at any time without loss.

At no extra cost, WeddingWays, will take your arrangement and automatically produce a large-text easy-to-read scrolling table plan allowing guests to easily find where they are seated by a display or smartphone.

About WeddingWays

WeddingWays has been developed out of need. Too many open and constantly changing sources to organise and produce a sensible seating plan demanded a restructure that reduced mistakes, repetition, save time and continuously show all guests and tables.

WeddingWays is an enterprise innovation developed to realise and exploit new efficiencies and be environmentally friendly. Find out more

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