You Don’t Have To Go On A Wedding Diet


The idea of a pre-wedding diet is so ubiquitous for modern brides. No longer are we able to just look forward to our wedding day – no, now we have to be desperately trying to slim into a dress, so we can look our best for our pictures.

The pressure of this alone can be overwhelming. Rather than spending the final few weeks before the wedding putting finishing touches to plans, you can spend them starving yourself of food in a bid to bit that little bit more slender.

Of course, if this is something you want to do and have chosen, then more power to you. But what if you’re on the fence? Are you somehow letting yourself down if you push past the idea of a wedding diet?

No – and here’s why.

A Wedding Diet Can Make You Unwell

If you diet in the extremes – especially in the last few weeks – then you might begin your wedding day looking very far from your best. Extreme, sudden weight loss is difficult to hide; loose skin, dark eye circles, and skin problems that all the beauty tricks in the world won’t be able to hide. If your focus is on looking your best, then none of those problems are going to do that – no matter what size your waist is.

Your Fiancé Proposed To You As You Are

Unless your boyfriend proposed to you with the caveat “so long as you lose 10lbs before the wedding”, then it’s pretty clear he loves you as you are. And for what it’s worth, if he did propose with that caveat, it might be worth running a mile anyway!

It’s going to be more important to your fiancé that you are happy and healthy rather than worrying about a few extra pounds. There’s no harm in making sure you feel as good about yourself as possible, from indulging in pampering to the best massages before the big day – but you don’t have to be slimmer to look good.

A Wedding Is Stressful Enough Anyway!

Why make an already stressful time worse by doing it through a phase of self-denial? If something goes wrong in the lead up to the big day, it’s going to be easier to console yourself with a bit of chocolate than a salad. Sometimes, we need the dopamine boost we get from eating nice food – so don’t deny yourself that during what is inevitably a tricky time. Get Online roses bunch delivery service in Jaipur and birthday photo cake delivery online

You Might Shrink, But Will Your Dress?

We all want our dresses to be the perfect fit on our big day, but if you’re losing weight right up to the wedding, that’s not going to be likely. It’s far better to stabilize your weight for all of your final fittings, so you can ensure that the dress is adjusted to fit you like a glove. Having to make constant alterations because you have lost weight is not only going to take its toll on the fabric of your dress, it’s also going to annoy your dressmaker and put extra stress on the budget.

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