Your Professional Guide to Finding the perfect Non-Traditional Engagement ring

Diamonds are every girl’s love they say, but believe it or not, diamonds have not always been the most popular engagement ring choice. Instead rubies, sapphires, emeralds and even pearls were mostly the chosen gemstones used to symbolize love and commitment to each other, especially among the upper class of society.

Diamonds became very popular in the 15th century after Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented his bride with a diamond engagement ring- the first ever recorded use of diamond in such way, however, brilliantly colored stones featuring unique settings remained in favor. For instance, Napoleon presented Josephine with an elegant sapphire and diamond engagement ring while Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with a serpent shaped ring that featured a glorious emerald.

For centuries, the diamond engagement ring has been some sort of automatic choice for young couples but nowadays, an increasing number of couples are breaking from tradition and opting for more unique and less predictable options in rare colored gemstones.Choosing the Ideal Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

When choosing an ideal engagement ring, it should reflect certain characteristics of your partner which include personality, style choice and passion and this might mean that a traditional diamond ring is not enough. Some stunning alternative to diamonds are rubies,sapphires,emerald engageemnt rings and some colored diamonds all possessing their unique history, meaning and character. So to choose, these helpful tips will assist you in arriving at the perfect non-traditional engagement ring.

Match Stone to Her Personality

Is your partner introverted or is the life of the party? Is she modern fashion conscious or she likes to keep with the classics? Colored gemstones are deeply symbolic and posses a personality of their own which means you will find one of the many that exist that will match your mates unique qualities, thus giving your unique engagement ring a deeper meaning. Or you might choose something entirely different, showing her that she is unique to you – moissanite engagement rings would certainly tick all the boxes in that respect. 

Match the Ring’s Settings to Her Style

Your non-traditional ring setting and tone should complement your partner’s style not contrast with it. However, choosing a non-traditional engagement ring doesn’t necessarily mean ditching tradition, you could still settle for a classic design that just substitutes a colored gemstone for the traditional white diamond.Consider Your Partner’s Lifestyle And Hobbies

Certain careers in science, medicine and hobbies that involve using the hand always can put extra strain of wear and tear on a ring and expose it to chemicals or hard surfaces. You’ll want a stone that is very durable and fits into the lifestyle of your partner.Consider Color

With colored gemstones, color is most important and their value is largely dependent on overall color or the basic color of the stone’s body. As a general rule, the brighter a stone’s color is, the better.Consider Quality and Carat Size

Like diamonds, it is vital to consider quality factors like carat, cut and color in selecting colored gemstones. Colored gemstones come in different cuts and carat weights and often, choosing shape and size is down to personal preference. However, always look out for stone with good symmetry, good proportions and a fine finish.Consider The Cost

Budget is probably the most important aspect of getting a ring although not the most romantic consideration. Prices for non-traditional engagement can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars. In all, most colored gemstones are easily accessible and readily affordable.Work With a Reputable Jeweler

Finally, work with a reputable jeweler to ensure high success in getting the perfect engagement ring. Find out about their qualifications and their proficiency with gemstones. Ask questions to determine if the jeweler provides the service you want. Also inquire about guarantees and return policy.

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