Zafafi Planner Morocco’s first mobile wedding planning app

Are you getting married? Your wedding should be one of the most beautiful days – perhaps the most beautiful – of your life. That is why you want to prepare well for it. What dress are you going to wear, how do you want your hair and makeup? Or are you going for a stylish suit? If you want to arrange this day down to the last detail, it is useful to get some help with that.

What a wonderful prospect of getting married! Now you just have to wait a lot of arrangements. How about a budget planning, a guest list or table layout? Which suppliers will you hire to provide the catering? All in all, a very good arrangement. That’s why Zafafi Planner app is here. Zafafi Planner is Morocco’s first mobile wedding planning app, created to help brides and grooms connect with the best local wedding vendors to plan the perfect wedding from anywhere, in a simple, quick and efficient way. It’s free and offers you everything you need when planning your wedding yourself, even when you’re busy with everything.

Here you will find a complete overview of suppliers in your area that will help you to take care of your big day. Log in to an account together with your partner and both be continuously informed of the planning and progress.

There is a lot to consider at a wedding. There is so much to think about. With the Zafafi Planner app you always have the option to write something down in the right place. No more loose notes, Excel sheets. No more forgetting something that you just thought about in line at the supermarket. You can easily add that person to the guest list, check something off your to-do list or view your budget online. Avoid unnecessary discussions and enjoy the preparations together as much as possible.

It includes Free wedding planning tools with personalised countdown, guest list, favorites list, and more are at your disposal to make your glamorous dream wedding happen. You can also check access reviews from other grooms and brides, like you, and share your experience.

Get started now and download the app on It’s all FREE!

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